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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OMG! I WISH Burnout Paradise had a Halo 3-like Saved Film Feature!

Ok, so here's the scene: I'm playing Burnout Paradise and encounter a Marked Man event. I know my car's WAY too wrecked to possibly survive it, so I head to the nearest Auto Repair Drive Thru. The closest one I know about is halfway across town, as I haven't found them all yet. I head off in that direction and just happen to run across another one on the way, so I pull through and start to turn around to head back to the Marked Man event. At JUST that exact moment, along comes an AI driver in a Nakamura SI-7, and before I even realize he is there, I T-bone him in the middle of the highway and take him out, for my very FIRST Shut-Down! This is why EVERY game needs a saved film feature like Halo 3. I would LOVE to put this experience on YouTube, but it is gone forever - lost to the ether. Oh well... C'est la vie, right?

Edit: Had to correct myself... It's MARKED Man, not Wanted Man.

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